I got an email about this Kilowatt Challenge and thought it was really interesting:

Very interesting idea… I wonder how much electricity is produced from a workout. And, can you imagine if all treadmills were hooked up to produce electricity? Maybe that would be extra incentive for some people to work out. Lose weight AND save money on electricity? Who can’t be in for that. I think they need to mainstream an adapter to make this happen.


I decided this morning that running in the wind is my least favorite thing in the world. I’m pretty sure that I would rather run in a downpour or any other condition than the wind. I feel like, no matter what direction you go in, the wind is always in your face and it’s a consistent battle.

Oh, there are other things. But I’ll spare you from my whining…

So needless to say, after 10 miles of this this morning, I was quite crabby.

But then I tried to remind myself that it’s just making me stronger… right?


Despite the wind, it was a good run. A few months ago, I would never had imagined running two longer runs back-to-back. I’ve always approached marathon training with “safe” plans… and it’s worked, but it’s always made me wonder if I can do better… if I can run faster… if I can enjoy the race a little bit more.

I feel like its so easy to go with what you know and not challenge yourself… which is doing yourself a disservice. Taking it to the next level, pushing yourself through the toughest workouts… that’s what will let you cross the finish line with no doubts in your mind. So while running in the wind is the thorn in my side today, it may make the next race a little more enjoyable.


What do you think about using workouts to power the grid? 

Running in the wind — love it or hate it? 


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