All I can say is BRRR.

That wind yesterday was busy bringing in a cold front and this morning’s run, the “feels like” was 3* when I started and when I finished it was 2*. No wonder why I only saw two other runners in the park this morning… (I draw the line of not running once the “feels like” is 0* or even colder… we haven’t hit that yet this winter.)

Part of it too could be because its Presidents Day too. Let’s all collectively give the people who have off today the stank eye. I can’t complain too much because I’ve had this day off for the past few years. C has off (along with 75% of all New Yorkers). Hey, at least that means I’ll get a seat on the subway this morning.

Anyways, today was an easy 8 miles and although it was super windy, it wasn’t as bad as yesterday. It was really eerie with how quiet the park is… I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that quiet before in my life. Refreshing, but very, very weird.

I finished it all off with a plank… I’m trying to get back into #PlankADay and improving my time each day. I feel like I’ve been stuck around the one minute mark for months now and just need to give myself that extra OOMPH so I can make some ground.

In case you need some extra motivation this Monday:


*** Today is the last day to register for the Twin Cities Marathon for $105 (bumps up to a higher price after midnight). This is the first marathon that I ever ran and will always hold a special place in my heart but it truly is a great race. If you are looking for an awesome fall race, do this one. It’s so beautiful and the spectators are amazing.


Do you have today off? If yes, how are you enjoying it?

Longest plank you’ve ever done? 

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