Yesterday I came home to the most awesome surprise in the mail:


I had signed up for Sprout Watches’ Valentine’s Day contest and I never thought I would win, let alone win a watch that fits me so well! This is definitely one of my favorites on the site. I think Sprout Watches are so cool because they are eco-friendly. Here is what it says on the box:


Now just to remove some of the links and I can start wearing it around! Is it bad that this is my third all-white watch? Apparently my favorite color when it comes to watches.

This morning I moved into the “strength” intervals part of the training plan. For the past few weeks, I’ve been focused on speed and now its strength… which means more longer distance intervals.

Today was 6 x 1600m with 400m recovery in between.

My times were:

1 – 7:32

2 – 7:49

3 – 7:32

4 – 7:35

5 – 7:35

6 – 7:37


I’m pretty happy that I was able to stay consistently in the 7:30s… minus the second one because I think I started daydreaming and stopped focusing on the interval. Whoops. I do think I can do these faster and would love to try interval training out on a track. Someday.

And, now a “rest” from running… for 48 hours. This was seriously my incentive to get through the last two intervals because my body was thinking we should have been done after 3. Now how to spend my free morning! I’m debating about either sleeping in or doing this awesome new Tabata video I received to try out:



What’s the best thing you’ve received in the mail recently?

Favorite way to cross-train? 


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