Did you hear? Chicago Marathon registration opened yesterday and apparently they weren’t able to keep up with registrations — they had to suspend it for a few days.

Oof. It’s crazy how marathons and other races are filling up faster and faster. I was lucky to get into this year’s Brooklyn Half — the race sold out in about 7 hours I think. Last year, the race sold out in 11 days and the years before? I am pretty sure you could register on race day.

Even with the registration snafus, more than half of the spots are already taken in the marathon. So crazy!

And hey, if you can’t get into Chicago… just run Twin Cities. I’ve run both and truthfully? Twin Cities is a million times better. Chicago is nice and flat, but if you are a beginner runner or if you are looking for a scenic marathon, Twin Cities Marathon is the way to go. There are a few tough hills, but the crowds are awesome and the course isn’t even close to being boring.


Yesterday I mentioned I had big plans to do my new Cathe DVD workout…

Um, yeah… going to have to save that for another day. My legs are SO tired that I think a rest day would be best. After all, it is my only rest day for the week. Tomorrow its back to the tempo runs!

Today I have my second meeting with the nutritionist. As part of our meeting, I am getting a test done to get an accurate count of how many calories I should be eating. She gave me an approximation during our last visit (aka a LOT more than what I was eating) which has been going well, but I’m really interested in seeing these results and how it impacts my running/training.


Are you registering for Chicago Marathon this year? Do you find that races are filling up wayyy fast? 



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