Last night I met with my nutritionist for the second time. To recap: the first meeting was all about how I’m currently eating, realizing that I suck at my diet and am eating way less calories than I need and working on bringing fruits/vegetables back into my diet.

So, for the past two weeks I’ve been working on keeping a food log and giving my body some food before all of my runs, not just my super long ones. This got me a gold star from my nutritionist. What didn’t get me a gold star? Not eating within 30 minutes after a workout. Whoops.

I also tested my metabolic rate… I was hooked up to this fancy breathing machine and found out the exact number of calories I need to be eating. I must admit I was slightly nervous about this test because I have always thought I had a super slow metabolism and before my first visit with the nutritionist, thought eating 1,200-1,500 calories was more than enough.

I found out that my resting energy expenditure is 1,886 calories. What does this mean? If I sit on my couch all day and don’t do a thing, I will burn 1,886 calories. You have to consider the calories that you burn just my normal lifestyle and everyday activities, which was estimated at 564 calories. So that means to maintain my weight, on a day when I do not work out, I need to eat at least 2,450 calories. A day.

Holy. Cow.

And the most surprising data point?

Yep. I have a super fast  metabolism. Like as fast as it gets While genetics do play a factor into this, it is mostly due to my obsession continued focus on fitness.

And then it was my favorite part: we went through what a typical day should look like. Which includes a pre-workout snack, breakfast, lunch and dinner… plus three snacks. This is for a day when I don’t workout or run for less than an hour.

On a day when I workout for longer? She said that I could need three more snacks. CRAZY.

So the first thing I did was make sure we have all the right ingredients for success:

I am so excited for this. Like you don’t even understand. I love how clear and easy she made everything… I know exactly what I need to eat for success and seriously, cannot wait to see the results.


Do you have a fast or slow metabolism?

How have you made your diet healthier in the past year? 

Hummus — love it or hate it?

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