Totally loved reading through all the Brooks love yesterday! And now that I have my first run in these shoes, I can totally see why. They are super comfy and the Glycerins have such awesome padding. It looks like the shoe drama is done… for now!



Favorite Friday



My friend’s brother  — Benjamin Olson — has launched a website with all of his amazing wildlife photos. He is a professional wildlife photographer but seriously I have never seen better photos than what he takes. You have to visit his site to check out his work because he is hands down amazing. I can’t wait until we move into a bigger place so that I have room to decorate our walls with his work!


Speaking of a bigger place, I have to show you what counter space I have to work with in our current apartment:

Plus another area of counter that is of similar size (and half-filled with a bunch of stuff we can’t cram into our cabinets). And to think this is considered spacious in NYC! I often dream about the day when we’ll have a really big kitchen like this:

I think I would definitely have more motivation to cook…and bake… and maybe just live in the kitchen.


What are your random thoughts for today? Tell me about your favorite blog reads this week! 


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