Congratulations to everyone who ran the Princess Half Marathon in Disneyworld today! I ran the inaugural race 4 years ago:

Funny thing about that tank top, it was the one that I BQed in for the first time at Madison and I had a really hard time tossing it out. Ha. I think it finally made it into the trash a few months ago.


On the docket today was 16 miles… my first “long” run on the Hansons Training Plan. I was supposed to have a 16 miler a few weeks ago but was preoccupied with skiing.

I tried out a new fueling option before my long run this morning. Usually I do Eggos waffle with peanut butter and syrup. Today I did an English muffin with peanut butter and grapes. And quite possibly the most exciting part of my run? No gut issues! Like not at all. Zero. Zippo. I may have found a new secret pre-race meal. Thanks, nutritionist. Have to try it out a few more times, but *fingers crossed.*

These guys distracted me for a good 20 minutes so I was a little slow getting out the door:

(the blob in the corner is a pigeon and caused quite the excitement)

But it was a beautiful morning to run… Spring is definitely on its way and I saw a robin to prove it. I ran in some new clothes from Ellie (more on that later) and it was so nice not to have to wear a jacket. Or gloves. Or a headband.

Overall, the run was GREAT and such a great confidence builder. I must admit that I was doubting the plan slightly because it felt so weird to not run more than 10 miles… and of course I started wondering how sore I would be today, if I would even be able to make the 16 miles… and of course it was all fine.

After completing my chores this morning (grocery shopping + putting away my clothes, seriously I have the worst habit of not putting my clothes away like a 9-year-old kid), the big thing on my agenda today is to figure out my NYC Half costume. I mean, how can you not dress up… it’s on St. Patrick’s Day!

Did you run today?

Do you run in costume often? 

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