I will never understand how he can take up so much room:


He weighs seven pounds and when he stretches out, he pretty much takes up my entire side of the couch. As you can see, he’s really protective over Jillian’s new book, which I must admit that starting to read it today is the best part of my Monday.

This morning was HARD. Let me back up. Usually after a long run, I don’t run. I would do a long run on a Saturday and then rest on Sunday with fresh legs for Monday. As you can probably guess, this morning was a run after yesterday’s 16 miler.

I woke up soo sore and was telling myself that I could just skip it and run on Wednesday (rest day) instead… but you know what? I knew I would be disappointed in myself. Plus that would mean that I couldn’t watch Biggest Loser (so behind on TiVo) on Wednesday.

So it was up and ready to run 6 miles at a very easy pace… I think it took my body a full four miles to warm up and that this was also a TRUE easy run. My legs aren’t quite as sore but they are definitely tired.

Here is how the rest of my week looks for workouts:

  • Tuesday – 4 x 1.5 with 400 recovery (plus one mile each warm up and cool down)
  • Wednesday – rest!
  • Thursday – 9 mile tempo run
  • Friday – easy 6 miles
  • Saturday – easy 10 miles
  • Sunday – easy 10 miles


Not bad, not bad… but I have to admit the 9 mile tempo run on Thursday is kind of daunting. I may have to roll out of bed a little earlier to sneak that one in before work…


Best book you’ve read recently (fiction or non-fiction)? What’s the most challenging workout you have this week? 

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