I have been trying to make my way to Target for over a week now and it’s my number one goal this week. My day job = long hours, which makes it difficult to go to Target and still be able to enjoy a night with C. I do have to say that cooking without a spatula is really difficult, and I have burns on my fingers to show that using a cake server isn’t the best substitution.

That’s one thing (well, there are a few more things…) that drives me crazy about living here — the New York minute? It’s legit. I swear, time just burns off faster than any other place.


This morning was sprint/ interval training day which means tomorrow is rest day which means I’ll still be waking up early to catch up on Biggest Loser. My interval workout today was 3 x 1.5 miles with 400 recovery in between. Right now, my intervals have switched from building up speed (aka shorter sprints) to building up strength (aka longer ones).

My times were:

…OH WAIT. My Garmin decided to die halfway through the first interval. Apparently the whole searching for satellites exhausted its 8 hours remaining battery life in about eight minuts.

I felt like they went well overall, even though I was kind of daydreaming in the third interval and realized I slowed down a bit. I think my legs will be extra fatigued later today.

As I said yesterday, I started reading Jillian Michaels’ new book, Slim for Life, and it’s so good! Her passion for health and fitness really shines in her writing and I love that she writes it so it’s basic enough for someone who has no idea how to live a healthy life, but yet people who have been committed for awhile (me) can still learn new things.

This made me look like a crazy person on the subway yesterday smile:


“Nothing ever gave birth to a Cheeto” — so true. And such a good way to know whether you are eating clean!


Do you feel like you’re always short on time? Or is it a New York thing?

What is one food you avoid like the plague?

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