So a few months ago I wrote about a cool new service called pv.body and how in love with it was. Long story short: it’s a monthly subscription service where you get an awesome outfit from name brands in the mail.

Stop right there.

Soon after pv.body announced that they would be stopping its current service and would be transformed as Ellie… a brand of workout clothes that the company created on its own. The idea behind it is the same, that you will get a monthly package with a workout outfit for $49.95, but there were a lot of people who were upset and felt like they got the bait-and-switch and signed up for a service that really wasn’t what they were looking for.

There were some other issues experienced during the transition as well, but I decided I would wait to make my judgement until I received my first Ellie outfit to try out.

I decided to try the Catch Me If You Can top and Little Black Leggings. Unfortunately, there was a snafu with the manufacturing facility so I was sent the Love Struck Legging in its place (with a promise for the Little Black Leggings in a few weeks… hey, two for one? No complaints here!).

I must say that I love the Catch Me If You Can top. It is so comfortable and the fit is awesome. I wore it for my 16 miler this weekend and the material was so soft, yet wicked away sweat like a pro. My favorite part?

(please ignore the oh-my-god-its-early sleepy eye look)

The thumbholes! They fit perfectly too, I hate when you have a shirt that starts digging into your hand because the thumbholes don’t fit properly.

I also enjoyed the Love Struck Leggings, they are comfortable… but of course, #shortgirlproblems, they are a bit too long so I have to bunch a bit at the bottom. (I can’t wait until a female gymnast comes out with a clothing line, it would fit me perfectly!) But overall, they are great leggings and kept me just the right amount of warm on my runs.



Just a side note: One of the things I’ve read about Ellie’s clothes is that they don’t hold up in the wash very well. I will definitely keep you posted on what I think (especially since our clothes are washed by an outside company — perks of NYC living — and there’s no such thing as delicate cycle with them).

The March line is just about to launch with lots of new and fun designs! While some people have had a not-so-good experience with Ellie, mine has been quite positive and it is something that I would recommend trying out — especially if you need to beef up your workout wardrobe a bit! (you can also cancel your membership at any time, at no cost)

For $49.95 per month, here is what you get:

  • Choice of any two clothing items from their current monthly collection
  • Free shipping and free return shipping
  • Early access to items as a member

And because you are a Crazy Running Girl reader, you can save 20%!


Are you a member of Ellie? What do you think? 

Disclosure: Ellie sent me this outfit to try for free and as a brand ambassador, I receive a small commission on referrals. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own!


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