Do you remember the Friends episode where Rachel ate in a restaurant by herself? I think it was season 4 (I think it’s the one where Chandler kisses Janice too).

Anyways, what are your thoughts on eating alone, in public, and would you do it? 


C and I had a debate about it last night, he says that it’s not OK unless you are in an airport and even then its kind of awkward; I think it’s totally fine and who cares, you don’t know the people in the restaurant and probably won’t see them again (also probably why I don’t see any problem with wearing weird clothes combinations… pink goes with everything, right!?).

In other news, yesterday the top of my foot started hurting during and after my run. Of course, I turned to Google MD for help and my search immediately directed me to information about a stress fracture.


The funny thing is, I was stressed about it all day, my foot hurt the entire time and I didn’t know what to do next. And then I was late meeting C for drinks and in the rush to get to the place, I completely forgot all about it.


C, the all-knowing physical therapist, said that it could be from tying my shoes too tight. Could it really be that easy? This morning when I got ready for my 10 mile run, I put on my shoes as usual and omgithurt. I decided to go back to some old favorites to see how they felt:


As soon as I put them on, I could tell: No pain. In my never-ending quest for the perfect shoe, I had read that people with high arches sometimes have troubles find shoes because the top can hurt. Yep, that’s me.

The only thing I can think to do is loosen up my laces (I don’t tighten them that much, but I do like them a little snug) or to move forward with the bright yellows (less cushioning on these worry me… no way do I want to deal with crabby IT band again).

Who knew it was so impossible to find some shoes?!

*** Congrats to Alex at the Run Within who won the Snack Bites giveaway! Alex, email me at bklynrunning (at) to claim your prize!


Thoughts on eating alone?

What’s the worst diagnosis you’ve received from Googling your symptoms?

Any advice for my high-arch and extremely finicky feet?


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