After yesterday’s run, the top of my foot stopped hurting so I definitely realized that it was from my new shoes… and probably because I get a little too excited when I tie my shoes.


For this morning’s run, I loosened up the laces. A LOT. And was on my way for my second 10 miler of the weekend… the top of my foot hurt for the first few miles and then went away, so I think the issue is solved and more importantly, no stress fracture!


I think my favorite thing about running this time of year is people who are prepping for Boston are breaking out their gear to run in (I may or may not be included in this bunch…)… and it just makes me so much more excited for the race! T-minus 6 more weeks to go… I can’t believe how quickly it is coming up but am excited at the same time. I can’t wait to tackle the course and make it my best Boston yet.

Before that, I have the 2013 NYC Half Marathon on St. Patrick’s Day. I bought some awesome compression socks from Pro Compression that are so fitting for racing on the holiday (sadly I think they are already sold out):


I have a new tank from Nike to rock (this one). This is the closest I’ll ever get to dressing in costume for a half marathon (or marathon).


Are you running a race on St. Patrick’s Day? Do you dress up for races? 

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