To describe my day to someone yesterday would make them look at me like I was a complete weirdo with multiple personalities.

Of course, the day started out with a nice 10 mile run.

That was followed by hours of crocheting… so many of our friends are having babies this month (after all, March is the best month to have a birthday in) so I like to complicate my life and make things for people instead of just buying something. I have one blanket done:

…and two to go (another one nearly done, thanks to all of yesterday’s work).

After getting my crochet on, we headed to Barclays Center for Swedish House Mafia. C loves electronic dance music and I’m starting to join the bandwagon. Basically I tag along with him to all the concerts he wants to go to (kind of like paying him back for coming to all of my races…). Usually my music listening is limited to Lil’ Wayne on the subway and some form of country music while at work. (Don’t ask.)

I must say that I’m starting to like electronic dance music. It’s so fun to go and dance the night away! Plus one of the fun traditions is too dress up like a unicorn puked on you:

And to make beads (which are called kandi):

Fun traditions! Here’s a brief clip of what we got to listen to (it is basically Swedish House Mafia’s last tour… so in this world, a big deal to be able to go to their last concert):


We didn’t get home until after midnight, which for the old lady in me is way past my bedtime and I didn’t think I’d have the energy to get up for a run before work this morning… but nope! Up right around 6 a.m. to put in an easy eight mile run. It feels good that my legs aren’t as tired as they were when I first started this plan…

Now to make it through 9+ hours of work… happy Monday! 🙂


What are some of your random hobbies? Do you like electronic dance music? 


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