Yesterday was a big #fail with my nutrition. I didn’t pack all the snacks I needed, nor did I have a lunch, so I went back to my old ways. And seriously, how did I survive that way?! I felt like I was dying all afternoon because I didn’t have any calories to munch on. And then I went back to stuffing my face as soon as I got home and while I cooked dinner (at least it was with these, which are on the healthier side). Today is a new day…


On a happier note, I must say that I love March. Mostly because its my birthday month but I just feel like people are happier because they know spring is around the corner. We are supposed to be getting a huge snowstorm over the next few days and so far have seen nothing minus a few flurries on this morning’s run.

Speaking of today’s run, it was awesome! 9 mile tempo and I think this is the first time in a few weeks that my legs have felt so fresh. Perhaps they are finally getting used to this crazy training plan, but I’ll take it and hope it’s a sign that I’m in really good shape for Boston. A month from next Friday to go… insanity!


*** Awesome spring deals: my friends at Scared Panda have tees for $5! Coach is in the last minutes of its 50% off clearance event!


What’s your favorite month? Any other great sales going on? 

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