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For the past couple of days, the media has been going crazy about this HUGE snowstorm that was going to hit the East Coast and blah blah blah. We were all skeptical because for some reason, they like to blow it out of proportion every time there is snow heading our way. Every time. After a day with off-and-on rain, I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to some snow this morning!



I really wish I would have remembered to bring my phone on my run (7 miles!) to take some pictures in the park. It was absolutely beautiful… all of the trees were coated with snow and I seriously felt like I should have been in the middle of Vermont snowshoeing. (The key with running in the snow is to take it easy… it’s not a day where you push yourself for a tempo or super hard pace, it’s one that you focus on the beauty of the day and concentrate on hitting the pavement evenly and avoiding slippery patches.)


Favorite Five


Apparently the latest endeavour from the Jolie-Pitts is to make their own wine:

And it’s wildly successful. It sold out in 6 hours yesterday! I’m surprised at how affordable it is… $139 for 6-bottles? Not a bad price. Would be interesting to try out to see what it’s like (even though I’m the furthest thing from a wine snob!).


Also interesting is this study that RW wrote about yesterday:


Truthfully, I’m not that surprised by this. I feel like it rings true to the importance of eating a balanced diet and “real” food — i.e., butter over margarine. Sometimes diet foods are “fat free,” but still high in calories and are pretty much empty calories. Maybe someday we’ll all realize that fad diets don’t work and we need to focus on eating healthy and exercising frequently. One can dream, right?


What weather did you wake up to today? Would you buy Jolie-Pitt wine? 


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