Today started off the best way ever: No alarm! I only had an easy eight mile run today so I didn’t see the need to get up super early to get it done, since it only takes a little over an hour to do. And it was so refreshing to wake up on my own (not to mention, the fact that we went to bed at 10:15 last night… don’t judge).


After yesterday’s snowstorm (I’m not sure you can even call it that, I think we got two inches, if that… I know other areas got more but really, it was more of a day of flurries), the park was PACKED with people who were excited to get out the door which made the two loops interesting as I was dodging dogs, strollers and tourists. But people watching always makes runs more interesting!

Some of my favorites were hearing an Achilles runner tell his guide that she was so amazing; a little girl telling her dad that she was 5 not 6 and watching newbies learn how to horseback ride. (See running isn’t boring!)

Tomorrow is 16 mile long run which means an early morning… and since it’s Daylight Savings Time, that means an even earlier morning than usual. Although overall that’s a trade-off I won’t complain about (Sundays = best days for naps)… getting off work while its still light out will be amazing! Plus that means more light on early morning runs and a sign that summer is on its way… and there are so many awesome things about summer.

Now I can spend the rest of the day relaxing and resting my brain before we head to the Met for a murder mystery scavenger hunt… I can’t be the person that brings the team down! 🙂

***Did you see my latest article at, “Running will not ruin your joints, new research says” — check it out!


Daylight Savings Time: Yay or Nay?

Have you done a scavenger hunt recently?

How are you spending your Saturday?

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