What’s worse than waking up early the Monday after Daylight Saving’s Time?


Waking up sore on the Monday after Daylight Saving’s Time.

Although I’ll never truly complain about that because I think it’s a good sign of how hard you’ve worked… but it sure makes for a rough morning. Luckily, my legs started feeling better a few miles into my six mile run and made it possible for me to amp up my workout with Cathe afterwards (more on that later).

On a less-than-happy note, I’ve had to change my diet… again. The first few days after I started the nutritionist’s diet, it was great! Life was wonderful! My stomach didn’t hurt! Yay!

But then it started to go downhill. My IBS started to flare up and the scale started to creep up… which was most disturbing.


While I was eating a lot more calories than usual, based on my metabolic test, I was still eating enough calories where I should have been losing weight. I have always struggled with my weight so the minute I saw the increase on the scale, I was terrified that it was going in a bad direction.

I started reading into the metabolic rate test that I took (online, so not the most trusty of resources) and apparently there are some pretty strict rules in order for it to be accurate. Like not exercising for 48 hours before or eating or drinking for 12 hours before. Since this is NYC, I walked for about 20 minutes to get to the office minutes before taking the test. Could that be why my calories were so high?! I also read that some other people, who commented on forums, experienced a similar result where the metabolic rate said they needed to eat a ton more calories… and when they did, they gained weight.

So I decided I need to make some changes to figure out where I should be eating. Obviously, 1,200 calories a day isn’t enough… and 1,800 calories a day is just way too much. I do think I learned some really valuable things from the nutritionist:

  • the importance of eating before any workout, even if its just a handful of granola
  • even more important, why you need to eat within 30 minutes of any workout
  • how eating every 4 hours is imperative so your body doesn’t go into starvation mode
So I’m definitely not back to square 1, more like square 4… and have some work to do to figure out what I need to eat so that my gut can be happy. And more importantly, so it doesn’t come back to haunt me during my upcoming races.

***Lastly, a big congratulations to Andrea L, who won Jillian Michaels’ “Slim For Life” giveaway! Email me at bklynrunning (at) gmail.com to claim your prize.


What is your favorite way to get rid of soreness? Do you think we should do away with Daylight Saving’s Time?



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