Sooo last year on my birthday I posted about how it was going to be 70* for the day. Um yeah, definitely not happening this year.

Last year, I started my day with a short run (I was struggling with IT Band issues)… this year, I’m starting it with some Biggest Loser:

C thinks I’m crazy, but yes, I get up early on Wednesdays to watch my TiVoed shows. It’s literally the only day that I have an opportunity to do it. So… Biggest Loser at 6 a.m. it is! You know I love Jillian, but Dolvett Quince is pretty amazing.

The thing that makes me really sad about the contestants on the Biggest Loser is a lot of them have emotional struggles that have made them turn to food for support… I do love how the trainers help them break through these challenges as well but it’s just so interesting to see that food has such an emotional correlation for so many people. I mean, I know I’m the same way… bored? Find a snack. Stressed? Have some sugar. Sad? Eat a dessert.

My mom thinks I’m crazy since I haven’t opened the gift from them yet… (my sister is completely opposite and would have opened it as soon as she received it)


It gives me something to look forward to, and so not fun to not have gifts to open on your birthday! The highlights of my day (besides watching Biggest Loser):

  • Potbelly’s for lunch! I absolutely LOVE this place… I remember eating at it in D.C. YEARS ago and falling in love with it, and it finally came to NYC. It’s not as healthy as Subway, but it’s WAY tastier.
  • Thinking about a cupcake from Crumbs for dessert. Have you ever had a Crumbs cupcake? They are seriously the best.

    But they are HUGE… and I know that I’ll tell myself I’ll get one for dessert this afternoon and end up talking myself out of it… but dreaming about it is nearly as good.

  • Thai food for dinner!! I love love love Thai food but unfortunately C doesn’t feel the same way… so I’m going to make him suffer through it tonight. Hey, it is my birthday! He’s lucky I don’t pick something like Ethiopian (which is also amazing!).
  • For dessert? FROYO! Woo! My wish is coming true.


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Biggest Loser fans: Who’s your favorite trainer?

Favorite ethnic cuisine?

Splurge on the cupcake or no? 🙂

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