A huge THANK YOU for all of your birthday wishes!! I loved reading them throughout the day and it made my special day even better. 🙂

I ended up going for the cupcake! I didn’t get the birthday cupcake like I thought (800 calories? Yikes) but instead went with an Apple Cobbler that was half the calories and even had some apple chunks in it.


I couldn’t even finish it all because it was so sweet… but other than that it was delicious!

And even sadder is the fact that I skipped froyo last night!! Um yeah. Serious issues over here. But I was seriously so stuffed from the cupcake and our delicious Thai dinner (pad Thai, yum) that I had no room left for froyo so I took a raincheck for this weekend. I promise, it’s on.

C got me this awesome watch — I have been looking for a wrap watch for ages and so happy to add one to my collection:

The face of the watch is old school and reminds me of my Grandpa’s watch, which my Grandma wore daily after he passed away. It reminds me of good memories.

Oh, and my parents got me this awesome metal dry erase board with our engagement picture that says “I love you because…”:

Such a cool idea! It will be fun to leave special notes for everyone. 🙂 My sister and family sent along this awesome packable organization tote which is perfect for life in NYC (seriously, you can never have too many bags here… and the more organized the better), along with this super cute Easter bunny:


Anyways. Enough about birthday fun. 🙂 It’s now back to reality… which also means a 9 mile tempo run for today’s run!

I love doing these in the AM because it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished so much by time I get to work (even if I am slightly sleepy). And, being able to watch the sunrise is awesome… I know as a night runner, you often get to see the sunset… but I truly think the sunrise is even more beautiful and a good reminder that today’s a new day and you can do anything. [OK, I woke up a little cheesy today.]


Are you a watch person? 

Morning or night runner?

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