HAPPY FRIDAY! Even though I have a short run on Fridays, it’s still hard to switch my mentality to a workout day when traditionally (for YEARS) this has always been a rest day. I had an easy six miles this morning and BRR it was chilly outside! I really think I hate wind more than I hate rain. Wind is just annoying.

This is my last run before this weekend’s New York City Half Marathon! I am so excited for this race and right now, the weather forecast is looking beautiful. I’ll definitely take it.


Favorite Five

  • I’m sure you’ve seen the recent rage about the race medal hangers (which can be kind of expensive!). Lynne at LG Smash posted DIY instructions to make your own and it really doesn’t sound too hard.
  • Dawn at Rushing Herd is hosting a virtual 5k series to raise money for Girls on the Run. The first one kicks off in May! The coolest part about it is that you get a medal for the race… not to mention lots of prizes and giveaways for participants. Very awesome!
  • This is an older post, but it’s such a good one I couldn’t resist passing it on: 22 Things Happy People Do Differently. A reminder that attitude does matter!
  • Fellow Boston Runners! A few bloggers have teamed up to host a 30-Day Photo Challenge leading up to Boston. It starts this Sunday! Awesome. Great way to get excited for the race (as if we aren’t already…)!
  • How much of your day does your workout really take up? Kacie at Savvy Sassy Me figures that her workout is about 6.25% of her day! And has made a declaration. Love this post, she makes some super awesome points… and if it’s less than 10% of your day? You can make the time and do it!



You may have seen my tweet from earlier this week… but I’m SO EXCITED to announce that I have been selected to be a Nuun Ambassador!


Nuun is such a great brand and I am so thrilled to be associated with them. Nuun is my favorite post-race drink… right now, I’m obsessed with Grape and Tri-Berry. But have you heard?! They launched Cherry Limeade and Watermelon recently. I cannot wait to try Cherry Limeade! That just reminds me of summer…

Stay tuned for lots of awesome and fun news coming your way!


Last night was Samsung’s big launch event for the S4.

Did anyone else watch? 

There has been so much criticism posted about the launch event and the phone and honestly, I don’t get it. A) The launch event was unique (slightly cheesy, I’ll give you that) and appealed primarily to consumers (so I can see why tech reporters would be mad), if it was just a normal press conference, they wouldn’t have had a crowd at Times Square. And B) I don’t understand all of the hate with the phone. There are some seriously awesome features on it:

  • Pedometer? Calorie counter? SO awesome.
  • Story Album — the ability to take your photos and make them into a photo album, designing and ordering it right from your phone.
  • Speaking of pictures… 12 MP camera? And the ability to record sound while you take a photo. Love it.
  • The translation thing? Basically it can translate anything and everything. That’s pretty awesome (perfect for traveling).


Some of the other cool things are the whole eye follow thing (so it knows when and where to scroll) and air swipe (so you actually don’t have to touch your phone to unlock it and make it work).

I don’t know, how much more can we expect our phones to do?! I remember going into the cell phone store when my contract was up and just looking at a bunch of random phones on the wall and picking the one that sounded the best. Or had a camera! And T9 texting?! Forget it. Now it’s like a life or death decision that we complain if it’s not “big” enough or “major” enough. Like really people, it’s a phone.


Share your favorite blog posts for the week!

Are you a tech junkie? iPhone lover or hater?

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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