This morning I woke up and was feeling so sore that I knew my easy 8 miles was not going to be happening. I figure that it’s OK to have a rest day after a race like yesterday. Tomorrow I’ll be back at it with some strength sprints!

It’s crazy, there are only three more Mondays to wake up for until Boston!! I realize that this sounds like the countdown of an insane person, but Boston will do that for you.

Speaking of Boston, Seeking Boston and a few other bloggers launched a super cool photo contest to countdown the next 30 days to Boston. Well, we’re at 29 days since yesterday was when it kicked off. Follow along on my Instagram profile. 🙂

And this has been needed to be said for a really long time. But seriously, what is with the trend of fanny packs coming back to life?!

I’ve seen several sites bring these back, including Victoria’s Secret PINK… and not at a cheap price. (Granted, they did try to cover it up by calling it a “hip pack“… it’s a fanny pack.)

Remember when these things were hot in the 90s and then people realized how ridiculous they looked and they suddenly went away? It went from being something people wore to the malls on the weekends to something that you could pinpoint a tourist with.

And now… they’re back. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

Despite this, I hope you have a wonderful Monday!


Do you make the day after races a rest day? How do you feel about the “fanny pack” trend? 

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