Last night was snowy, sleeting, rainy and everything between type of mess. It was supposed to be sleeting/rain, but suddenly it turned into a mini-blizzard… to the point that some schools were actually delayed this morning!

For reference, here is the view that I woke up to yesterday:

and this morning:


Really, I’m not complaining or whining too much. Primarily because last time this year it was in the 70s (!) and Boston Marathon ended up being near 90. I am hoping that since the cold is holding on for a few weeks longer, this fares well for temperatures in Boston. Maybe? Possibly?

Anyways, the one thing I was not excited about was running sprints in this messy mix this morning. I was happy to see that most of it had melted when I woke up… or at least so it appeared through my window. Once I got down on the sidewalks, it was a different story. So instead? Just ran in the middle of the road. nbd.

This morning’s workout was 3 x 2 mile sprints with 1 mile warm up and cool down. Luckily the park was OK… there were some slippery spots but most were easy to navigate. It was just the sidewalks (and running in the roads) that were troublesome.

And made my splits one minute slower than the last time around.


But really, can I be upset? Given the conditions this morning and the fact that I’m still sore from this weekend’s half marathon, it’s to be expected. C thinks I’m crazy when I go running in weather like this but my thoughts are that you can never predict what weather will be like on race day and it only makes you stronger.


It wasn’t fun, nor was it pretty, but I got it done and that is something to be proud of.


Are you ready for spring?

What helps you “dig deep” during a tough workout? 

Proudest recent training moment? 

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