1. I can’t believe how chilly it still is here!

“Feels like” actually went down a degree since my run this morning… but, like I said before, I won’t be complaining about this weather because I am hoping that it means that we’ll have really awesome weather for Boston. Fingers crossed, right?


2. The one thing I love about this weather is it gives me a chance to wear my runfinity scarf… a lot. I bought this from Oiselle a few months ago…


…and it is one of my favorite accessories. Mine is in gray (best color ever). So warm and the fabric just screams cozy!


3. Last night I went out to a fancy dinner for work… and tried oysters for the first time (also tried caviar which wasn’t really my favorite). I was surprised that I actually LIKED oysters! I always thought I’d hate them but they are pretty tasty (although quite salty). Now to get C to try them some day… (some day is the key word here!)


4. I usually pack a lunch for work (here are my reasons why) but sometimes I like to splurge. Today is one of those days where I’ll be splurging. I am going to Potbellys, which is one of my favorite quick eating restaurants ever. Their sandwiches are soooo good… and really not that bad for you (at least compared to some other options).

Plus, they have big pickles that you can put on the side which are my favorites.


5. So I’m like a little kid when it comes to stuffed animals, I think they are so fun and the cutest things ever (my sister is the complete opposite and throws away my niece’s stuffed animals any chance she gets).

But seriously, how awesome does this collection look? I love the whole “scary monster” in kids form.

I honestly am considering donating to the Kickstarter campaign so I can get my hands on them… don’t judge.


What’s the weather like by you?

Do you like oysters?

Anything you are looking forward to today? 


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