So remember all of those great goals that I set at the beginning of the year……

Yeah, I kind of have been slacking on a few of them. But that’s OK! The year is still fresh, I can get caught up on them… there’s still hope.

And, last night I knocked a big one off the list: Try Korean BBQ

I wanted to be like an old lady lazy so we skipped our usual night out on the town and stayed in… meaning that it was a night to order in. (That’s one of my favorites about living here, you can literally get any food that you want at your door.) Surprisingly, C was in an adventurous mood and said that we should get Korean BBQ. I’m not sure how traditional it was per say, but it was super good. I got the short rib BBQ bowl, which had rice, guacamole and other things I couldn’t pronounce:

Oh my goodness, pure deliciousness. I must admit, it was wayyy spicier than I thought and my mouth was en fuego as I was eating it… and afterwards. But it was so worth it.

Even though yesterday was one of those days where the universe just is out for you, it ended well with a great dinner and the fact that the Gophers upset UCLA in March Madness! Woo woo! I’m not sure they can keep the streak going, but so happy we weren’t bounced out.

This weekend is my last long run before Boston (how did that happen?!) and my Achilles tendon is acting up a bit. I cut this morning’s run short — 5 miles instead of 8 miles — and am hoping with all my might that it will be calmed down tomorrow so I can knock these 17 miles out. In exchange, a few extra rest days coming up…

My day will be filled with lots of this:


Have you had Korean BBQ before? Thoughts?

What teams are you cheering for in March Madness?

Tell me about your runs and workouts this weekend!


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