Today was the last official long run of my training program. I cannot believe that after months of training, Boston is only three Mondays away. (Warning: Boston will be obsessively talked about for the next three weeks.)


Yesterday I mentioned that my Achilles tendon has been acting up… its been a little tight so I was hoping it didn’t flare up during this morning’s run. I really hate when your last long run is a disaster because it messes with your mental preparation for the race (but for some reason, this is a trend for me). Anyways, I woke up and I felt nothing in it. Good news!

After a quick breakfast of an English muffin and peanut butter (my new pre-race fuel, trying it out for the first time at Boston), I was out the door and ready to hit the pavement for 17 miles. You know that 8 miles of that was my beloved park… and boy, there were some interesting happenings. There was a bike race going on (and I saw a man pee off the side of his bike… awkward), I saw a puppy almost attack this dude that was 6′ tall (and terrify) and of course, saw some of my old friends (it is pretty cool to have people to give you a wave or thumbs up… and you don’t even know anything about them, other than the fact that they run).

My tendon didn’t start to flare up until I hit the Brooklyn Bridge… and only then, it was just a twitch so nothing major. It got a little worse when I ran into Manhattan, but once I was back on the bridge, it was better. And, it wasn’t painful… just tight/sore. So I take that as a good sign?

I’m not sure what’s worse mentally, on the brink of injury a few weeks before a marathon or having a really terrible last long run?


Either way, I’m taking it easy this week… tomorrow will be a rest day with tons and tons and tons of foam rolling and I’ll figure out if I need to add a few more in to give this the rest it needs so I’m at my freshest when I’m toeing the start in a few weeks.


Ever had an issue with an Achilles tendon?

What’s your favorite pre-race fuel? 

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