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Once upon a time I really did have a fitness closet.

Well, not my entire closet but a good chunk of it dedicated to my running clothes.

Considering our closet space has since shrunk by 50% (and my running clothes have grown by 110%), sometimes it makes me really sad that my fitness closet has become this:

Yes, a very messy drawer that includes a bunch of wrinkled clothes. 😐

Someday, this will be my fitness closet:


I have a lot of great pieces in that mess of a drawer… but here are my absolute favorites:

This has become my favorite piece this winter… it’s a running jacket that I received for the Resolution Run I ran on New Year’s Day years ago. It’s perfect — a light jacket that has great ventilation and works for those cold, but not freezing days.

On the flip side, this is MY FAVORITE tank ever to wear in the summer months. It’s Under Armour (I don’t remember where I got it) and it’s so comfortable. Super flowy, the material is light and it’s long… definitely my go-to for race day in warm temperatures.

I am not sure what brand this is, but it was $12! And it’s awesome. I got it at Century 21, which if you’re ever in NYC, definitely check out (not just for its workout clothes — it has a TON of good deals).

I’m not sure if you’ve heard about Bondi Band, but they are quite amazing (not sure if this picture does it justice). I’ve had this in my arsenal for awhile and finally started to break it out this winter… as an ear warmer! It’s perfect because the material is light and it fits perfectly over my ears. In the summer months, you can wear it as a headband to keep the sweat out of your eyes.

I love love love this tee… it’s one I received for being a Sweat Pink Ambassador and has become a lucky race tee in recent months. Definitely look forward to pulling this out for future races!

A trio of new bottoms! On the left, the pink and gray, are some new UA shorts (LOVE these, I used to have a pair and they are so comfortable and light); top, some shorts from Aeropostale (they were $11 and I thought worth a shot… they feel similar to the UA shorts); and on the bottom right, a skirt from VS Sport. I love Victoria’s Secret and the quality of this is over the moon. I can’t wait to try it out (once the weather gets a littler warmer!)

So there you have it, my peak into my favorite closet and some of my favorite items! And some of my top tips for building up your fitness closet:

  1. If you can get it on sale, DO IT. Especially if you are trying an item for the first time. It sucks to pay like $50 or $60 for something and then realize that you don’t like the fit once you get active.
  2. Don’t be afraid to check out non-brand names. Brand names are known for having the best quality, but sometimes… other not-so-popular (and expensive!) brands often have the same, if not better material. Store brands from JC Penney and Kohl’s are staples in my fitness closet.
  3. Use your fitness gear to show your personality! I love buying super bright workout gear… it makes me smile and makes me excited to put on my gear and head out the door for a run. It may sound silly, but having great workout gear helps to keep you inspired and ready to hit the road (or gym).



And lastly, one of my favorite ways to expand my closet has been through Apple & Arteries New Year New Gear blogger exchange. Details here… feel free to contact her if you’re interested in joining. It’s one of my favorite exchanges!


How is your fitness closet organized?

What’s your favorite piece of workout gear? 

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