So when I accomplished my first goal of the year by eating some Korean BBQ this weekend, I realized that I have 12 other goals that I need to meet by the end of the year. Since it’s already nearly April (how did that happen?!), I have some serious work to do. The plus side is that a lot of these goals are in progress and not something that I can do overnight. But it was another good reminder to keep some of these long-term ones alive (like spending some QT with the kettlebell? Um yeah, definitely need to work on that…).

But anyways, very exciting to announce that I accomplished another very important goal… crocheting an elephant!

Meet Elvin:


He was actually easier to make than I thought (and way easier than the sock monkey I knit my niece last year)… and turned out kind of cute! I think he’ll have to come with to keep me company at work.

So this is my last true “hard” workout week before hitting taper (which officially starts with Saturday’s “long” run). This morning I did 4 x 1.5 mile sprints. My times were all over the place (from 11 – 13 minutes)… which is good and not good. I basically ran back and forth on the same stretch in the park, so for the way “out” I was downhill and on the way “back” I was uphill.

You know what’s really hard?

Running sprints uphill.

Hence the really slow times for these sprints! My last sprint was oh so hard, especially since that hill seemed to climb on forever.

As cheesy as it sounds, I know that it made me stronger… especially when facing Heartbreak in a few weeks (which really isn’t that bad of a hill, it’s just placed so very strategically on mile 20 when the wall is starting to come down).

Anyways, off to dream about awesome desserts and other fun recipes from this cookbook I received yesterday…



Any goals that you are slacking on? 

Are you working on any fun projects right now? 

Random: Have you made empanadas before?

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