Yesterday, Runner’s World held a Google+ chat with Kara Goucher (you know she’s my favorite, remember when I had the chance to interview her last year?):

It was all about the Boston Marathon and how she’s been preparing for it, as well as what her future plans are for running. She is so down to earth and just overall inspirational! I loved how she said that her son reminds her about the joy of running… because he just LOVES it. Such a great perspective! P.S. This was my first Google+ chat, and it was so fun!

I can’t wait to see how her and Shalane do at Boston this year, and did I mention MEB?

me and meb, olympic trials 2012


I really hope Americans have a strong showing this year and I really don’t see why we won’t, we have some amazing people running for us.

Umm and P.S., I can’t believe that there are less than 20 DAYS TO GO til I’ll be pounding the streets in the Boston Marathon! When I think that, I just get so excited. And often forget to think about how awesome it will be to run Big Sur less than two weeks later. I mean, check out these views:



C thinks I’m crazy, but I woke up this morning (again) to watch Biggest Loser before work.

I am also (you won’t believe it… I’ve only been talking about this for what, 3 months?!) headed to the DMV today to finally change over my license to my married name. The last few weeks have been so confusing because I sound like an idiot on a daily basis by not knowing my name when people ask. The majority of reservations, accounts, etc. are in my new name but some are still in my maiden name… so finally ready to make the official jump!


Who is your favorite elite?

If you changed your name after getting married, how long did it take you to change everything over? 

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