Did you guys see the article that CNN had yesterday about a teen who is trying to run a marathon on all seven continents?

She is doing it in honor of her dad who passed away from cancer. This girl, Winter, ran her first triathlon when she was 5! Isn’t that insane?! And how awesome are her abs. She sounds like she really loves what she does and she has such a strong passion for it. In some ways, she reminds me of Chrissy Wellington. I’m not quite sure why, but I think it’s just the attitude of wanting to do something, and well, doing it.

I’m not sure if you remember the New York Times’ article about the Welsch sisters, who are 10 and 12 and run marathons like no one’s business. There was a lot of heat around this article as people speculated that the dad may be influencing them to run so much and they are just doing it to please them. Sure, there are some risks associated with running that much at that age, but if the girls really do love it and are passionate about it, like Winter, why not?

I know that when I have kids I would love for them to be active and involved with running… definitely not forcing it on them nor asking them to run a triathlon before they start kindergarten, but hopefully it’s something they like to do.


Last night we did the most amazing thing… we went out! It made it a little rough to wake up early this morning for my six miler (luckily it was an easy run!), but I feel like we’ve been lame-o’s for awhile since we haven’t done anything during the week. Honestly, I’ve been so exhausted from training and work that its the last thing I think about…. We went to City Winery to see Mason Jennings in concert.

(I would post some of the photos I took but they are so awful that I don’t want to blind you…)


I’ve never been to City Winery and it was SO cool… they continue to serve you dinner/drinks during the show and its a very laid back atmosphere. If you are in NYC, add this to your list of to do’s. It’s just a different and really great experience. They have a variety of different performers that come in. I am now going to start stalking their event calendar to see when we can go back.

Do you know Mason Jennings? He’s pretty amazing. This is probably one of my favorite songs by him:


What age is too young for kids to start racing? Is there such a thing?

Are you celebrating Easter? What are your plans? 

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