((Caution: extreme runnerd ahead))

I decided to switch up my plan to my usual taper, which is a 12 mile run followed by an 8 mile run the next week (with the marathon the following weekend). I’ll also insert a few more rest/easy days throughout the week so I can save myself for the marathon.

Anyways, I knew it was going to be a good run when I woke up around 6 a.m. and couldn’t fall back asleep because I was so excited to go running. I usually get up that early for my long runs (well, and throughout the week) but thought I’d treat myself to sleep in. But well, that was a nice thought but definitely not happening today.

I finally gave up and woke up before my alarm and headed out the door. It was such a beautiful morning — truly the first day of spring (finally). I was actually slightly toasty in a long-sleeve and running pants! Woo! (let’s hope it doesn’t keep getting hotter before Boston though!)

I felt SO good that I decided to keep it up and go 14 miles. It was seriously one of those days where I wished the road would go on forever so I didn’t have to stop. A run where I just wanted to tell everyone I saw how awesome running is. I’m not sure if its from all the jellybeans I ate yesterday (Easter bunny visited early) or if its just being ready for Boston.

Either way, it was a run that made me remember I LOVE RUNNING! Sometimes I think we forget this. We get so wrapped up in splits, getting better, upcoming races, etc., that we forget the true reason why we started in the first place. These are the runs that put us back in our place.

Enough about my running lovefest. Even more exciting is the fact that I finally found this in the city:

As you may know, we are huge Mountain Dew fans (I know, I know… definitely not the healthiest) and when we heard they were launching this “breakfast” drink, we knew we had to try it. So Kickstart is being marketed as a juice (it has 5% juice) rather than an energy drink. It does have quite a bit of caffeine — 92 mg/16 ounce — and surprisingly 100% Vitamin C.

I tried the Fruit Punch and C tried the Citrus pictured above. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of it. It’s not overly sweet nor does it have that weird taste like most energy drinks. I think it tastes really good — a nice balance of sweetness and carbonation. I am also surprised that it only has 80 calories; I thought for sure it would be in the 300s. Overall, I think this will be a good drink option for those mornings that need a little extra push to wake up… you know, after you go to an awesome concert and have to go to work the next day. 😉

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Tell me about your latest “I LOVE RUNNING!” moment!

Have you tried Kickstart — if so, what’d you think? Are you a coffee drinker?


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