I mentioned before that C is really into electronic dance music so I’ve been tagging along to concerts when his favorite people are here. Last night A State of Trance came to Madison Square Garden which is, apparently, a really big deal. And features the best of the best. Two DJs teamed up for the first time ever so people were really pumped about that.

I listen to it occasionally but am not a hardcore fan of electronic dance… just tag along for something fun to do.

After all, one of my favorite things about is you are supposed to dress as crazy as possible for the party:

{shirt: Scared Panda / fluffies: Monster Mafia Clothing}

Let me tell you, walking through our neighborhood in these bright-colored outfits was so funny. Little kids were so in awe with all the bright colors and asking their parents why we looked so cool were dressed in costumes.

I also like the fact that sitting really isn’t allowed… which means you dance for a few hours. Last night, we danced for 5 hours which is awesome for a few reasons, mostly because I kept thinking about how awesome it was that I was burning so many calories and not sitting! 😉

Overall, it was a good time! And a good way to bring in Easter. I think it’s hard to celebrate with a big Easter dinner with just the two of us, don’t get me wrong it could be done but just isn’t as fun. So, instead we don’t do much of anything.

Most of my day will feature a warm blanket, a cuddling cat and March Madness/TiVo catch up:

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What’s your favorite type of music? 

Are you into the new neon trend?

How are you spending your Sunday? 

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