Yesterday I had an amazing opportunity to speak with Dick Hoyt. He will be running his 31st Boston Marathon this year with his son Rick, who has cerebral palsy. Dick pushes Rick in a wheelchair in the race. They are known as Team Hoyt and are quite amazing. I actually saw them in action in one of my previous Boston Marathons and it was so very humbling and amazing.

I’ll have more details about my conversation with him soon but it really made my day special to get on the phone with him.

Speaking of a special day, this morning I had an 8 mile tempo run (last tempo run before Boston!!) in the park and thought it was SO romantic and sweet when I saw a proposal happen! The girl looked like she was so shocked and fighting back tears. I kind of wanted to stop and watch it all play out but figured that would be kind of creepy. And not so good for the whole tempo run thing.

It was a good reminder that every day doesn’t have to be the same old, same old ordinary day.

Everyday is special for a reason, and even if its the smallest most minute thing, there’s a reason to make you smile. Sometimes you just have to look a little harder for what that reason is… but it’s there.

[off my soapbox]

So today is special because C and I are starting a challenge! The awesome folks at MOVband sent me one of them to try out and I am so excited to see what it’s all about.


In short, it helps to monitor your activity and then you can log-on online and track your progress. So cool!

So the challenge is… who moves more during the day? Obviously C doesn’t get up and run an insane amount in the morning, but I also tend to sit for long periods of time during the day (boo desk job).

We are each going to wear it for a day and see who takes the most steps.

Remember, C is a physical therapist and walks to work every day. He probably sits for about an hour each day, he says. I take the subway/bus (which I have to walk to) and then spend a great deal of my time sitting. I do make an effort to get up and walk around the office, and have to walk to and from meetings. But mostly sedentary. However, I’ll be wearing the band for an extra 4 hours since I’ll be at work that much longer than him. 🙂


Who do you think will log the most steps — C or me? 

What is making your day “extraordinary” today? 


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