Nicole at Apples and Arteries started a new blogger exchange this year called New Year, New Gear. It is a fun way to bulk up your fitness closet and get to know other bloggers. I love doing exchanges like this (Foodie Penpals? Best idea ever.) because you get to meet so many new people and you’re introduced to new things.

Living in NYC, I don’t have the time I’d like to go shopping or check out new places so this is a way for me to learn about them. I know that sounds really weird since this is the fashion capital of the world… but there’s just no time.

Coincidently, Nicole was my partner this month! YAY!

She obviously knows what my favorite color is:


I absolutely love the package I received from her — a hot coral tee from Under Armour and an awesome no-slip headband in an even brighter pink. Both will be awesome for spring and there’s no such thing as too much pink in your closet!

(and just because he’s super cute:)


Did you participate in New Year, New Gear this month? What’s your favorite blogger exchange?

What piece of clothing are you most excited to wear this spring? 

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