A few days ago, the awesome people at Sheba sent Apollo & Jax a care package:


As you can see, Apollo was really excited to see what was inside.


Jax was most obsessed with the fun feather toy:


It was kind of funny because after they ate the food, they were super hyper?! Apollo is typically pretty lazy calm… but he was all over the place. Must be something good in there. 😉


Today is the first day that weather for the Boston Marathon showed up on the 10-day forecast.

I really really really hope it stays this way… this would be great running weather, especially with some cloud cover. *fingers crossed*

Although anything really is better than last year… This morning was the last long run on my agenda before the race! I made the mistake of sleeping in really long and heading to the park when it was actually super busy, which is kind of frustrating. Kudos to all who are out enjoying the sunshine and getting their exercise on, but with a couple hundred people in the park, it made it really difficult to navigate all the traffic.

Cat lovers! What’s your cat’s favorite toy?

Your ideal race weather?

Random: When you are stopped at stoplight, do you jog in place or stop?

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