Yesterday was a change from our usual Sunday: we actually went outside, and not just to grab a few groceries.

One of my favorite places in Brooklyn is Pies N Thighs, it’s known as a “southern barbecue” place and serves dishes like chicken and waffles and biscuits and gravy. You know, the really healthy stuffy. We went there yesterday and it was as delicious as always. If you ever come to NYC and have time to venture into Brooklyn, come here. Make sure you order a donut and the Rob Evans (this amazing biscuit, gravy, egg, sausage and cheese dish).

I also spent some time doing this:

Yep, packing. It’s never too early, right?! For Boston, I always buy a finisher jacket (it really is a tradition for the race and so fun to walk around the expo to see people in theirs from years before) and a sweatshirt. I started buying them before the race because we always go to the expo on Sunday and sizes are limited… so instead of being stressed out about it, I just buy it early and don’t take it out of the packaging (it’s an unwritten rule that you can’t wear either before the actual race!)

Speaking of which. Next Monday at this time, I’ll be sitting in Hopkinton waiting for the start!! Ahh, sheer craziness. Did you hear the news that Meb dropped and won’t be running this year?

Sad face. But the good news is that will probably extend his running career (he was planning on retiring after NYC Marathon this year):

Potentially another Olympics?! I will take that.

This morning was yet another day in the taper, an easy five miles. I will have to write a more detailed post about my feelings for the taper and how I think your emotions change during the marathon training cycle.

It really is interesting how taper is one of the more difficult parts of training, even though you do it for the least amount of time and you would think it would be quite easy… after all, you are running way less! Which means more sleep. Sleep is always good.


Tell me your favorite thing you did/saw/ate yesterday.

Do you think Meb will make it into the 2016 Olympics?

How soon do you start packing for a trip?

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