We complain about the early mornings, the chafing, the foam rolling, the extreme hangry… but there is one thing that all runners have in common that keep us all going: that amazing run.


It’s that point when you are running where you feel no pain, and all you can think about is how amazing this moment is. It may be in the middle of a race, ┬áit may be in a middle of your everyday jog.

Either way, these are the runs that you look back on and are like WOW, that’s why I do it.

That’s why I go through the pain.

And that’s why it’s completely worth it.

My most recent #bestrun… this is a tough run! I know I wrote a few weeks ago about the most amazing run I had during marathon training that reminded me why I loved running so much! (And I think got me super excited for Boston.)

I would say that there are a few recent #bestruns that remind me of why I love running:

1) Houston Marathon


Even though this was the wettest marathon yet, I love running the Houston Marathon! It’s a fun race and I dominated Allen Parkway, just like I said I would. Plus you can’t beat any run where you have your own cheer squad (husband and his family). It just makes it that much more special.


2) Ragnar Relay!


I loved loved loved running Ragnar last year… I met some of the awesomest girls ever and we had a blast. I had never run that far in that short of time, nor had I ever ran that late at night (early in the morning?) which was incredible… I actually posted a faster time than I thought possible!


3) The Color Run


This one was absolutely amazing. I’m pretty sure I didn’t stop smiling the whole entire time. I mean really, how can you not smile when you are running with two great friends and getting a powdered rainbow dumped on you?


4) Madison Marathon


OK, this one really wasn’t recent (by like 4 years. Oops.)

But this is the first race that I BQed at. By 12 seconds.

It was just my husband and me, and we had so much fun (maybe me more than him). I was in love with the entire course, and really enjoyed the experience. Even though I am from Wisconsin, I never realized how beautiful Madison is!

Plus, having the beer/brat festival at the finish line was a great way to finish the day. This will probably be one of the most memorable runs I’ll ever have in my life. I don’t think you ever forget the first time you BQ or pass another huge or similar milestone.


5) Boston Marathon 2013

I hope next week at this time, I am telling you why this year’s Boston is my most recent #bestrun…

(thank you to Miss Zippy for hosting! Check out her blog to read a ton of #bestruns!)


Tell me about your most recent #bestrun and your #bestrun ever!

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