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Today it is supposed to be near 80* (!!!) so everyone in the city will be in a really good mood, so I should only get stepped on three times instead of the usual seven on my way to work. I’m not going to continue freaking out about the weather for Boston (or at least keep telling you guys about it, ha). At least not until Friday…

This morning was an easy six miler and it was absolutely beautiful outside. I probably should have worn shorts instead of my usual pants, but that’s OK. I completely forgot how busy the park gets once it starts turning warm… usually during my morning run, I’ll see a handful of people. I bet there was at least 100 people running or exercising in some shape or form this morning. Kudos to all and very awesome!

Oh speaking of which… I received this email yesterday:

The actual study included “breeding” the top 26 runners with each other, and then breeding the 26 rats that ran the least with each other. This was repeated through 10 generations and they found that the running rats chose to run 10 times more than the line of “lazy” rats.

Really interesting! It plays into the whole nature vs. nurture argument: are we born lazy or are we taught to be lazy? I think while we may be born with “lazy genes,” it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use that as a crutch to be lazy. It might just take a little bit more oomph to get you out and exercising, but you’ll experience the same benefits (endorphins!) as everyone else. It does explain why some people may not be as motivated as others… but again, I don’t think we can start claiming that we don’t go to the gym because of our genes…

And speaking of fun mail, these appeared in my snail mail box this weekend:

The Saucony Kinvara 4s… review coming soon! How awesome are the colors?!

What’s the best mail you’ve received recently?

Do you think we’re born to be lazy?

How is the weather supposed to be in your city today?

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