A few weeks ago, the awesome people at MOVband sent me my very own to try out. What is MOVband? Here’s an awesome description:

As its digital, it tracks your moves and miles… and also has an option to view the current time. So what are “moves”?  Moves include steps but they may also include moves that you make throughout the day with your arms. So for instance, typing may help you get some moves. But, it won’t get you as many moves as walking around. I like this idea because even if you are stuck at your desk all day (like me, boo), you are moving slightly. So it’s nice that it tracks even that minor activity.

As you know, I challenged my husband — C — to a challenge. He is a physical therapist and is on his feet all day so I wanted to see if he would really log more “moves” than I would. I am a desk rat. But, my work day is also a few hours longer than his.

Oh, I should mention. The stipulation was that we had to put it on our wrist as we were walking out the door for work and take it off as soon as we got back. So my long morning runs wouldn’t count towards it… darn.

I started it off.


Before I got to work, I logged nearly 2,000 moves! I was feeling pretty good. It helped that I missed the bus that morning (coincidence? Maybe…) so I had to walk a little farther (which is what I do a couple times a week anyways).

Then work happened.

Which means lots of sitting.


And sitting.

And even more sitting.

Suddenly, it was halfway through my day and I had barely logged 3,000 moves.

Oh no.

By the end of the day, I logged just over 5,000 moves for a total of 1.3 miles. Definitely nowhere near my goal of 10,000… but truthfully, not that horrible… right?

Well, no.

C’s turn was next. He texted me that he had 3,000 moves before I even made it to work, so about two hours into his workday. I wasn’t too worried at that point…

…until he texted me at lunch and said he was well over 5,000.

He ended up logging over 10,000 moves for the day for a total of 1.8 miles. So you may be wondering why my miles aren’t that far off from him, while his moves are double mine. It goes back to the tracking of moves, rather than steps. So I took 1.3 miles worth of steps, while he took 1.8 miles worth of steps. At least I’m laying down some considerable mileage.

What I liked about the MOVband:

  • It’s really comfortable. It’s a rubber watch band (with interchangeable colors to match your outfits) and looks like a watch.
  • I like that it tracks both your moves and miles.
  • It connects to the web… so you can create a profile and track your progress, which is pretty cool.


So, now’s your chance to win a MOVband for yourself! To enter, comment with the answer to this question [mandatory]:

What’s your favorite way to keep yourself moving throughout the day? 


Extra entries can be earned by (remember, leave separate comments for each one otherwise they will be counted as one entry):


CONTEST HAS BEEN EXTENDED THROUGH FRIDAY, APRIL 19. Winner will be announced on Saturday, April 20. Sorry, open to US only! GOOD LUCK!


MOVband provided me a band for review and giveaway. The thoughts in this post are my own! 


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