I’ve gone back and forth about posting my recap from Monday’s Boston Marathon. In the end, I decided that we cannot let these two men take our accomplishments away from us… because that’s exactly what they wanted to do. 


We kicked off Sunday by visiting the expo to pick up our race packets and shirts and ended up wandering around the expo for a good two hours. You are probably wondering what in the world we could do for two hours in the expo, I kind of wonder myself… but it was a nice way to enjoy all of the booths.


I should mention that we spent a good 20 minutes waiting in line to see my favorite elite ever:



I was a little nervous in line when I was thinking about what I was going to say because I didn’t want Meb to think I was a big creeper since I’ve seen him a few times in the past few years. It was nice because since I wasn’t trying to have him sign anything, we actually got to chat for like 30 seconds before snapping the picture. Whenever I get that ice breaker question “who would you have dinner with,” I always think of Meb.

After the expo, we grabbed a quick lunch and then hung out in the hotel bar for a few hours. Yes, you can totally hang out in a bar and just drink water. And then it was off to Chipotle for a brilliant pre-race meal:

(does anyone else mix? People think its so weird that I do…)

The next morning, we got on the buses just before 6:30 and were headed out to the start in Hopkinton. My friends made fun of me the entire time saying I didn’t look like a real runner since my throwaway gear included jeans:

Before long, we were headed to the start and you could feel the excitement in the air. It’s so weird because I feel like at Boston, the minutes leading up to the start just fly by. Suddenly, we were off! There was one woman who kept screaming “OMG! I’M RUNNING THE BOSTON MARATHON” which made us all laugh.

My friend Allison and I decided that we would run 8’s together as long as we could (I really wanted that sub 3:30). It was great to run with someone because the miles ticked by even quicker than I thought they would. We didn’t see C and his parents until mile 16, which is right before the Newton hills.

Allison and I broke away from each other as we went up Heartbreak, and then came my favorite part of the course: the Boston College kids. When you go through this section of the course, all you smell is alcohol and you honestly cannot even think because of all the yelling. It’s AWESOME. I even got proposed to at one point along this craziness…

I saw my family again near Fenway, and suddenly I saw the big Citgo sign: one mile to go. All I started thinking about was “right on Hereford, left on Boylston” and the finish was on me.

I finished in 3:34.02, a few minutes off my goal but a time I am proud of nonetheless. It’s my third fastest marathon, and my fastest Boston Marathon to date.


With everything that has happened, I have been asked if I will be back… and yes, I will be back. I posted a qualifying time for next year’s race and I would love to go back and show my support to the Boston community and honor the victims of the bombing.

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