Today is a really exciting day because registration for the ING New York City Marathon opens!! After everything that happened with Hurricane Sandy last year, I think this year’s race is going to be even bigger and better. I worked hard last year to get guaranteed entry (remember my million races? That was so I could get in to this marathon) and am excited to be running it.

I ran NYC Marathon back in 2010 and its still my PR for the marathon.


I ran it in 3:31.44. The fact that I can’t top this time is interesting, considering that was my worst training period ever for a marathon and its definitely not an easy course. But the fact that there are so many people lining the streets makes the hills seem like nothing.

I haven’t seen anything about what the prices will be this year… have you? I know last year it was around $250 and I’m guessing that it will be more this year… just because it seems like everything increases in price year over year.

Speaking of marathons, only TWO MORE DAYS until we leave for Big Sur!! Holy moly. I have been trying to learn as much about the race as possible to prepare myself for it.

Honestly, it looks like a beautiful course and I think there will be some breathtaking views. I am going to be a good blogger and carry my camera with me. The elevation map is a little scary:


Holy moly, do you see that hill at mile 12?! I have some goals in my head which I’ll share this weekend, but considering I’ve never ran races this close together (nor with such a crazy hill!) I’m not sure what to expect. However, knowing that I was able to rock the NYC Marathon years ago without a proper training regimen (we moved in the middle of training so I had about 9 weeks to build up, and in the midst of that my grandma passed away and I traveled A LOT for work… so training was kind of an afterthought)… I think my goals may be in sight.


Are you registering for ING New York City Marathon this year? Have you heard how much they are charging?

What’s the most surprising race you’ve ever had and why?

San Francisco: Tell me your tips! We are going there after the race and need sightseeing ideas 🙂

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