All I can say is:



Really that says it all and I don’t have much else to say.

But I do want to tell you about how you can win this:

It’s a special giveaway for all of my lovely Facebook fans, so be sure to head over and like my page… you’ll see the contest details once you do.

This morning was my last run before the marathon… a nice slow three miles. I even made it back to the apartment before C left for work for the day, that never happens. But the whole “its Friday and we are going to California” excitement made it really easy to get out of bed this morning.

Other excitement stems from three favorite things:

  1. This amazing trip this weekend. Like I mentioned earlier this week, we are going to spend a few days in San Francisco and I’m sooo excited. I went to San Francisco for my 13th birthday (and wore a lime green coat the entire time, it was hott) and don’t remember much of anything except walking through a park and going to Yosemite (where we drank fresh spring water and later realized that we could have died doing it… oops). C has never been so it will be fun to experience it together.
  2. A new philosophy of eating. C’s mom shared this book with us when we were in Boston:

    It’s not a diet, it’s a philosophy that changes how you eat because you focus on eating things that your body reacts positively to. More details on this when we get back because I am going to try to it and see how it improves my IBS/weight issues.

  3. All this sparkly goodness.

    I was the lucky winner of a recent contest by Sparkly Soul and in return, won SIX awesome headbands! I am so excited to rock these this weekend and to share some sparkle with the world.


What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Favorite thing today? 

Have you heard about “The Plan”? Thoughts?


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