I decided to run the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge in January 2012 after re-qualifying for the Boston Marathon. I thought it sounded like a really fun challenge and most of all, a great way to experience the Big Sur Marathon which is known as one of the most beautiful marathons in the world.

It’s quite obvious why.





If I don’t return to NYC, I think you’ll see why.

I have been mesmerized by these views for years now and I can’t believe I actually have the opportunity to experience them up close and personal!!

So anyways. Back to my goals.

Since this was the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge, I originally set out just to have fun at Big Sur and enjoy the views. But honestly, I have to admit that my PR goal will be in the back of my head and if all stars align, it could happen.

I want it to happen.

But if it doesn’t happen, it won’t be the end of the world.

In the end, my main goal is to honor the victims of the Boston Marathon. I want to run this race in their honor, to show them that we will never forget and we won’t let these terrorists win by ruining the marathon.



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