You can’t tell me that you’ve never had the craving to tell someone to get off their ass, right?! Well, this is somewhat giving you the chance to…

I recently had the opportunity to read a new book, “Get Off Your Ass and Run.”


This book is meant to be a get-off-the-couch-and-get-running motivational book. The author stumbles between the lines of being funny and being on the verge of insulting. Sometimes her advice is just downright mean, but when you take a step back and think about it, is it really? I do think that to enjoy this book, you can’t take yourself too seriously nor can you get offended easily (similar to Skinny Bitch — not for the fainthearted).

She really does have some great advice though, much of which is targeted to someone who hasn’t worked out in a really long time. The author often defers to “The Grit Doctor,” or the inner bitch that helps you get moving. This is the voice you need to listen to, not the one that tells you to hit the snooze button and miss your morning workout or eat that last piece of pie with extra ice cream…

I do have a bone to pick with her about this quote:

Honestly, I really do enjoy water… and often have a craving for it! So I’m weird.

Overall, I would recommend this book to someone who wants to start running and just doesn’t know how to do it. She really brings it down to an easy-to-understand level, and gives you the right tools for success. I love how she shares her own journey about how she realized she needed to get off her ass… and run! It makes her much more relatable and you just trust her a bit more than some doctor who never has experienced marathon training.

Interested? I would love to give you my review copy. Email me at bklynrunning (at), and I’ll share with the first person that emails me.


Do you drink water because you like it or because you have to drink it?

What is the number one thing you hear from your “inner bitch”? 

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