One of the things that we noticed on our trip is that people are SO nice outside of New York! (Sorry New Yorkers) I guess you kind of forget that outside of the crazy, hectic life of New York City, people will nod and smile at you and strike up a random conversation. It was kind of funny on our flight out to Denver (where we had a layover) because everyone was chatting it up… “Oh, where are you headed today?” “What do you do for work?” We could tell that it was not a flight full of New Yorkers.

On the way back? Different story. The plane was dead silent and none of that small talk was going on. So interesting to see the difference. And, its always an adjustment. Here, you try to avoid making eye contact, smiling at people or even saying hello. It’s refreshing to go elsewhere and see that you can say “hi” to someone or receive good customer service.


I know I’m not cut out to be a New Yorker for life (many, many reasons) and that this is just one of them. I miss nice people and not being elbowed in the back seven times a day, or being yelled at for not walking fast enough, etc. It’s just not that crucial people.

Anyways. Back to running. Today was my first run back after Big Sur Marathon and I am in shock how not sore I am! Even after the race it just felt weird because my quads were not tightening up (I did have to do the stairs backwards the next day). I think part of this is because I didn’t try to brake as I went down hills and just went with it. But I will take it!

I did a quick four mile loop and oh my goodness, the weather is just awesome here (sorry Midwestern friends!). I wish that it would stay like this all summer long because it would maybe make those crabby New Yorkers a little happier (me included).

For now, I am just enjoying running… no training plan in mind (which is weird since I have been marathon training since last fall!). My next race is the Brooklyn Half Marathon on May 18 but I have no intention of training for it seriously… it’s a good race just to enjoy the art of running.

P.S. Thank you to all who entered my Facebook giveaway! Winner will be announced today. 


Do you feel like people are friendly where you live? 

When’s your next race? Where?

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