Today was the first day of The Plan diet. It was a little bit more challenging than what I expected. Truthfully, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I mean, I eat pretty healthy for the most part (minus that Mountain Dew addiction… shhh) so I didn’t think it would hit me that hard.

What I ate: So today is the first day of the cleanse so its the “base” meal plan. Breakfast was flax granola with coconut milk and blueberries. This was pretty tasty but the flax granola will take some getting used to. For lunch, I had a spicy carrot and ginger soup… this was not so good. I think I needed to add more cinnamon to it. I tried putting my mixed greens in it and really struggled eating it. Luckily this won’t be “the meal” I have to eat for the rest of my life. 🙂 Luckily I had half a pear to enjoy…

Dinner was my favorite meal on The Plan so far — kale and shitake mushrooms with a coconut sauce with a beet and carrot salad on the side (topped with pumpkin seeds):


How I felt: I felt fine this morning and thought I was going to breeze through the day. It wasn’t until this afternoon when I started feeling tired, headachy and just overall blah. This is all normal on The Plan since you are going through detox and getting those nasty toxins out of your body.

What I learned: The one thing I did learn is that I may be overhydrating myself throughout the day. I cut back about 20 ounces of water today to meet my requirement (half your body weight in ounces). I also learned that kale is super tasty. It’s been on my “to try” list for awhile now so it was good to finally check it off the list.

Day 1 weight: 133.5

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