I promise this isn’t becoming a “what I ate yesterday” blog but I really just have to tell you that The Plan is starting to kick my butt… holy headache! I guess that’s a sign that I’m addicted to some not-so-good foods. All that sugar I like to eat? No bueno. Today has to be the worst day… right?! Plus I get to eat some avocado at lunch and you can’t beat that right?!


So with The Plan means a few days off running, which I think my body is enjoying after all the recent crazy marathoning from the past few months. So now that “spring” marathon season is over, what’s next?

  • Brooklyn Half Marathon / May 18
  • Women’s Oakley Mini 10K / June 8


I am excited for both of these races. I’ve run the Brooklyn Half Marathon every year since we’ve moved here and its amazing how much it has grown. It went from being able to register the day-of-the race to now, selling out in a handful of hours with more than 20,000 people participating. It just shows how much half marathons have grown!

I am not a very good half marathon runner… it’s almost like the distance is too short for me and I’m just very smart at running it. That being said, I would love to PR at this race. I had big goals last year and it ended up not going so well.

Last year, I had a lot of fun running the Women’s Mini 10K. I was in the second corral and went out wayyy too fast (how can you not when you have the elites in your sight?!).

awesome pic from mini 10k!


Compared to last summer, this is a really light spring/early summer race schedule… and it feels WEIRD. I’m not trying to get 9+1 for next year’s marathon like I did for this year’s, and we are out of town a lot this summer so trying to find the right balance is a little tough.

I do know I want to add this race to my calendar… how fun!! And I love that they are hosting it in Prospect Park! 🙂


What’s on your race calendar? Any big goals? 

New Yorkers: What’s your favorite summer race? 

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