What I ate: Today wasn’t too different than what I ate yesterday. Breakfast was flax granola with blueberries, I love eating fresh blueberries in the morning! Lunch was leftover ginger carrot soup, broccoli with mixed greens. There were some seeds thrown in there as well. Dinner was supposed to be (key word supposed) brown rice, leftover kale and mushrooms with spicy coconut sauce and leftover beet and carrot salad. With lots of water.

How I felt: I woke up this morning with an intense headache and figured it was cutting out the caffeine. As the day went on… I started feeling worse and worse. I took some Advil this morning but it didn’t do much of anything.

By time lunch came around, I was super hungry but honestly… the ginger carrot soup and I don’t get along too well. I had one spoonful and couldn’t eat anymore. I ate most of the mixed greens (which had avocado and apple on top!) and a few bites of broccoli. My headache was getting worse and I didn’t know why… so decided to much on my snack a little early (1/2 pear and almonds). At the end of the day, I was exhausted, not feeling well and just ready to go home.

On my way home, I called my mom (who is also on The Plan) and told her I didn’t think I could do this. I felt SO awful and just really wanted… some real food. Perhaps that’s a bad sign (that I’m eating all the wrong stuff!).

I ended up getting really sick halfway through dinner and wasn’t able to finish eating it all. For the past 3 hours I’ve been going back and forth to figure out if I stick with it. Things can only get better, right? And I need to think of the long-term benefits… but maybe its just not for me. Is it worth feeling this sick??


Day 2 weight: 132.3

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