One of my favorite thing about spring is the fact that there are so many more people out running in the morning than in the winter months. It does get kind of boring seeing the same six people over and over again… but in the spring, there are so many new faces. I like to distract myself while running by people watching.

The thing that is most interesting in the spring (and fall, too) is how different everyone runs. It looked like a beautiful day so I threw on shorts and a tee.

I saw people who were dressed in long sleeve pants, jackets, hats… a few people similar to me and others somewhere in between. I think its this time of year when my true Midwestern blood starts to show. (Plus I’m just sick of wearing running pants and long-sleeve shirts.)

I know I said that today was going to be a rest day but I decided not. I was originally going to have it be a rest day because it’s C’s birthday (woo woo!) and I forgot that he had today off so I was going to get his present ready. But since he’s home… that’s kind of risky. So what’s better than to squeeze in a run.

Before my run, of course, I had to do a few of the things on my checklist for The Plan. The first thing you do every morning is weigh yourself. I have a love/hate relationship with the scale… mostly hate. It can be addicting to weigh yourself each day and try to beat that weight, which can also be super unhealthy. Most of the time I just hate the number that it shows.

But the thing with The Plan is that it teaches you to use the scale as a tool. It is meant to show you what foods you react to (clear sign = weight gain) and well, some significant weight loss along the way is always a plus. Now that I am out of the rough part cleanse, it is time to start testing foods. She has a clear way to do this, with restaurant days set up in case you go out to eat.

Yesterday was one of those days. We went to one of our favorite places in SoHo and I had a big salad (check, all ingredients part of my diet) with some french fries (uh oh). I wasn’t sure how to today was going to be.

I jumped on the scale… and lost .5 pounds! That means that french fries are an OK food for me. Now that doesn’t mean go out and start living on only those… but I can eat them and know that my body isn’t inflamed because of it. Pretty cool. (In total, I’ve lost 5.5 pounds since starting The Plan.)

This guy also had a morning weigh in…


…he’s down one pound since this winter, which I think he was pretty happy about. (In case you didn’t see on Instagram, he weighs 16 pounds.)


Are you an over or under dresser in spring weather?

Love or hate the scale?

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