One of the things that I find so frustrating when I talk about running or even eating healthy is how so many people automatically say “I could never…” or “I can’t because…”

You know what?


Delete “I can’t from your vocabulary and think about what you can do. I used to be a chubby kid that hated running (fun fact: my middle school BFF and I used to try to roll our ankles at gym class because we hated it so much) and loved candy.

You are the only person that is standing between you and the doorway to get yourself out and running. You don’t need to have a family of runners or even have experience running before. That’s my favorite thing about running — all you need to do is strap on your shoes and go. Speed doesn’t matter. It’s about loving the road and finding that sweet spot. The point when you realize “ah – this is what everyone means when they talk about running.”

So, if you are a person that leaps to the “can’t”  immediately… start thinking about why you can. Take a step back and give yourself the credit that you deserve. You are like every other runner out there and deserve to hit the streets just like them. You deserve to live a healthier lifestyle… and you can do it. Just let yourself.


What is one thing you say “I can’t” to? 

What motivated you to start running or living a healthier life? 

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