Today I have officially completed one week on The Plan. Well, I guess one week and one day, technically.


As you read last week, the first few days were rough. So rough that I contemplated quitting. It seemed so extreme for me to feel the way that I did. However, as naturalistic as it sounds, my body was just getting rid of all of the toxins. I guess living on a diet with a lot of Mountain Dew, candy and carbs has caught up to me.

After going through the cleanse, things got much better. And the food got much better (that spicy ginger soup that I had to eat the first few days was horrendous). I was peeling off the pounds – at one point, I had lost 5.5 pounds!

I knew that Sunday and Monday were going to be different because I was going off the plan. I didn’t want to be a Debbie Downer for C’s birthday! So Sunday we went out to lunch and I had a salad with all my “pre-approved” foods and tested French fries. I couldn’t believe it, but I lost weight the next day! That means that my body can handle French fries.

Monday was a different story.


We went out for BBQ at Dino BBQ in Harlem (if you come here and want good barbeque, go there. It’s not scary to go to Harlem, promise). I went all out and had pork (which is highly reactive for most people), cole slaw, mac and cheese and potato salad. Oh, and did I mention the cornbread?

Testing overload.

I woke up Tuesday morning to find that I gained 1.4 pounds. OOF. I must say that at this point I started to doubt The Plan. So yeah I do fine eating chicken, spinach and every other vegetable under the sun, but I eat “normal” food and its reactive? Not cool. (This doesn’t mean that I’ll never eat BBQ again in my life but it means that when I do, I’ll know what to expect afterwards.)

Side note: As I’ve mentioned before, the scale is simply a tool in this diet. It changes your mentality about weighing yourself and gaining weight is a measure of whether a food is reactive for you. Normally I would freak out about gaining that much weight in a day but if you trust in The Plan… it makes sense. I know that sounds hippy-dippy but it is a great philosophy. And one that makes sense.

Yesterday was a rest day (aka no new foods, common after a test day) and I went with it, thinking that this morning I would get on the scale and all that extra weight would be gone. Nope. Jumped on the scale to find out that I was up another .4 pounds! While I didn’t try any new foods, I also didn’t follow the recommendation to finish eating and drinking three hours before bedtime. Plus, the foods I ate on Sunday were super salty which take about 72 hours to get out of your system. Tsk, tsk.

Today was a test day for bread. If I pass this, it will add a new element to my diet. (Toast for breakfast!) Fingers crossed.

Overall, I am happy I chose to stick with The Plan.

{my daily dessert: poached fruit with cinnamon. it’s delicious!}


It has been a rollercoaster but one that has taught me a lot about my body. Of course, I love losing weight but the whole idea behind this was for me to find the best foods for me. I think it will be so helpful in a month, six months, a year to know what foods to avoid say, the night before a race so no stomach issues haunt me.

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